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Richard Mulcahy for the Senate 2020

Richard Mulcahy

I am honoured to have been nominated by The Royal Dublin Society to run in the upcoming Seanad election as an independent on the agricultural panel to represent the interests of local agri-business in a community-led way.

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Richard Mulcahy for the Senate 2020

My Vision for Ireland 

Politics was both local and personal in our household growing up. My grandfather was General Richard Mulcahy who played a major role in the 1916 Rising and the foundation of our State. He was a founding member of Cumann na nGaedheal and was first Chief of Staff of The Irish Army and later leader of Fine Gael.

As Minister of Local Government he introduced the setting up of the first City Management system in Ireland, Cork City Council with the introduction of the Cork City Management Bill, 1929. This legislation became the framework for County Councils across Ireland.

Like my grandfather, my reason for running for The Seanad is to try and influence our politicians as to the need to think National and not local.We are faced with the huge challenges of adapting to climate change and maintaining the economic viability of our farms, agribusinesses  and the rural economy.

My vision is very simple:

· Local Agri-Business

As a businessman, I am very conscious of the problems of farm viability and profitability. I intend to design and create a national small farmer initiative to promote new business opportunities for farmers faced with inevitable decreasing incomes in co-operation with our national farming bodies our university research departments and Teagasc. I will strongly represent the interests of both environmental conservation and sustainable farming at legislative and policymaking level. My vision here is of a transition to profitable farming which is both sustainable and regenerative of biodiversity.

· Inclusive Communities for our Ageing Population

The island of Ireland already has nearly one million people aged over 60 years. Their voices find little expression in policy driven initiatives. As a Senator, I will hold public consultation days and lobby the Exchequer for necessary supports on their behalf including Country wide initiatives through local County Councils. In particular I want to address two issues; mechanisms to recycle the skills and experience of older people for community benefit and secondly initiatives to end the major challenge of rural isolation. I will research Countries faced with the same problems and invite their experts to Ireland to map out how we can implement their initiatives into our way of life.

There is no more time for words

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“Let’s Rejuvenate Rural Ireland” 

Rural Ireland needs a voice now more than ever… 

About Richard 

Born in Dublin in 1955, Richard is the eldest son of the well-known cardiologist Professor Risteard Mulcahy and grandson of General Richard Mulcahy.

Richard has been a successful businessman for over 40 years with extensive management experience in companies as diverse as electronics, health and beauty, software, catering, construction and forestry. His experience ranges from managing divisions of publically quoted companies to creating start-up companies and everywhere in between. Richard has managed mergers and acquisitions, sales of companies and been actively involved in the public flotation of a company.

In recent years he purchased a farm on the Wexford Wicklow border where he experienced the issues farmers face on a daily basis. He is solution driven in all his endeavours.

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